Maite is a girls name of Basque origin meaning loved one and one who brings love. 

Maite is a farm to fork driven restaurant heavily influenced by Colombian, European and American cuisine. Formerly a family residence in the early 1900's then a bodega for the past 80 years, the space has been converted into a cozy, finca inspired restaurant where family and friends gather to share delicious food and drink. 

Ella Schmidt, Chef and Owner

Born in Colombia to a German father and Colombian mother, Ella moved to the U.S. at the age of fifteen. After moving to New York City, Ella worked at several renowned restaurants, including as the pastry/pasta chef at Il Buco, where she honed her skills in pasta making, one of her deepest passions.

One of Ella's biggest influences in her cooking comes from her mother, who has lived in Basque country for the past 30 years with Ella's younger sister, who is also a chef in Bilbao, Spain. With Maite, Ella brings her love and respect of simple yet delicious food combined with the best ingredients, in a comfortable, unpretentious and welcoming setting.

Kano Mitchell, Co-owner

Born in Tokyo and raised in NY, Kano is an attorney by trade and a foodie at heart. Bringing her passion for everything food, she collaborated with partner and chef, Ella Schmidt, to create a personal and welcoming neighborhood joint.



(718) 366-3090


159 Central Ave
Brooklyn NY 11221


Mon: Closed
Tues:Wed:Thurs:Sun:  5–10pm
Fri:Sat: 5-11pm

Photos by:
Nicholas Doyle
& Sono Mitchell



We are pouring natural wine and local beer